The ( FBC ) Fluidised Bed Combustion fired HAG system consist of a FBC Furnace with Radiation First Pass / Second Pass Refractories Chamber / Ash Settler / Cyclone / Fuel Feeding System. With fluidised bed combustion furnace and controlled Fans.

Where the Cold Air Fed in to the Top of the Radiation First Pass Zone, that cold air suction by I.D.Fan fitted at process point to maintain desired temp. of final process Hot Air.

As we consider the Flue gas ( Hot Air ) path, Hot Air passes from furnace to mix cold air at top of radiation zone than final temp. say 300 tO 650 deg.C passes in second zone than goes to Ash Settler for settled heavy ash particle, than goes to cyclone to separate fine ash particle collect at bottom RAV than final hot air fed to Process Dryer or Heat Sink. Complete system run in vaccum where I.D.Fan suction of hot air from HAG.

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